The VA Loan certificate, also known as the Veteran Affairs Loan, requires fulfilling certain eligibility criterion prior to applying for the loan. Veterans are legal service providers for military or such governmental systems and they can apply for loan only if they possess authentic records of being certified veterans. Hence the VA loan certificate requirements are necessary to be known and strictly adhered to by all applicants.

Qualification Criteria and Requirements for VA Loan Certificate:

  • The VA Loan certificate can be issued to veterans who have provided undisputed services in the armed forces from after the 2nd World War, and have been discharged under terms of the firm, not concerning any case of controversy or illegal activity.
  • A minimum span of 90 days of service must have been conducted by the said veteran during war time and periods of active service.
  • For veterans having worked under peaceful conditions only, the minimum span of being active in service is 180 days.
  • Enlisted service veterans and military personnel need to complete 2 years of service if they have been serving after 1980; and this same eligibility criterion applies to all officers who have initiated services after 1981.
  • National Guard members and Selected Reserve professionals need to have served a term of 6 years and have stopped performing or have been discharged under honorable grounds.

Application Procedure for VA Loan Certificate:

The procedure to qualify for the Certificate of Eligibility in cases of issuing VA loans starts with the filling up of a form titled the VA Form 26-1880. The form must be presented with authentic documents attached along with and genuine details provided therein.

Online forms are made available, although lenders and direct interaction is still preferred.

Approval procedure of VA Loan Certificate:

The VA Loan certificate requirements need to be approved by supervising bodies, which consider the following criteria:

  • The Certificate of Eligibility issued in compliance to the VA Loan must be legally valid.
  • The purpose of applying for the loan must be valid and genuine – such as for a home or condominium or other reasons that have been validated by the government in general.
  • The applicant must intend to start living in the house within a reasonable span of time after closure.
  • The income status of the applicant and his/her spouse must be enough to pay mortgage rates per month, as per the State norms, and satisfactory credits must be recorded for.