Tax exemption is the exemption from paying tax which is granted to some individuals, organizations or companies by the tax system of a place or a country. This exemption is granted when the individual or company files for tax exemption and the tax system provides a relief from tax or tax at a reduced rate on the basis of the application.

But getting tax exemption is not easy and is only provided by the system when the applicant satisfies certain requirements which are termed as tax exemption certificate requirements.  The following are the major tax exemption certificate requirements which a candidate or company needs to satisfy in order to be relieved from paying a certain tax amount

  • Different kinds of taxes may have different tax exemption certificate requirements but for each country, the candidate applying for tax exemption must be a permanent tax paying resident of that country.  He/she must thus produce a proof of address and identity.
  • The applicant who is applying for tax exemption must either be working at a recognized company or business organisation or should be heading a company which is registered under a valid and permitted name and registration number.
  • Another requirement while filling out the tax exemption certificate form is to ensure that the Exemption application should be of the same state or city in which the applicant or his/her business entity is based.
  • Since tax exemption is provided only on a certain specific grounds, the candidate or company must state the ground on which he/she is applying for the relief. For example, if a charitable organisation is applying for tax exemption, he/she must provide documents which act as proof of the charity work etc.
  • The candidate must also pay the necessary amount of fee which is required to file for tax exemption.