TCC or a Tax Compliance Certificate is a certificate which authenticates that the person or company to which it has been given to is updated and aware about queries and information regarding tax liabilities and its payments. Tax liabilities is not the only aspect that it is looked into by the Tax Compliance Certificate but also any kind of statutory deductions that are related to an individual’s or company’s wages.

This documentation or rather certification acts as a proof for the individual or the company that they are compliant in terms of paying taxes and are well aware of the liabilities and deductions wherever and whenever it is applicable. This certificate makes tax related liabilities and payments a voluntary affair for the individual or the company.

Requirements Necessary to Receive TCC

The requirements that are needed to receive Tax Compliance Certificate by a company or an individual who is applying for it for the first time are:

  • Visiting and facing the interview at the compliance section.
  • Completely filled application form need to be carried.
  • Original and copies of receipts of the payments done in the current working year for the following taxes:

1. Income Tax and Education Tax (P.A.Y.E)

2. Education Tax for individuals who are self employed.

3. Company or Individual Income Tax respectively.

4. SCT or the General Consumption Tax.

5. Remittance Advice Papers which are stamped and collected by the Collector of Taxes. This is especially important for trainees who are already employed (H.E.A.R.T Contributions)

6. National Housing Trust Contributions which are better known as NHT contributions.

7. NIS or National Insurance Scheme Contributions.

  • All types of clearance reports from the above mentioned contributions and added to these also the reports of individual or company payment of income tax, education tax of GCT and SCT.
  • Copies of receipts and reports regarding the arrangements of payments. All these documents need to be certified before they are handed over.
  • The Taxpayer Registration Number of the individual or the company is also required. This number is more commonly known as the TRN number.

TCC is Required by:

The Tax Compliance Certificate is required by individuals or companies who have:

  • Applied for Customs Brokers Licence
  • Applied for Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Licence.
  • Applied for Quarrying Licence.
  • Applied for Citizenship or Work Permit.
  • Applied for Security Firm Registration.
  • Applied for contracts from the Government.
  • Importers who require to show documents to entry to goods clearing through Customs.