A self containment certificate proves that your motor car or caravan is self contained and has its own system of water generation and waste disposal.

This was a very important and pressing problem in the culture of self contained motor vehicles which also double up as homes for a large number of people. Since the vehicles were mobile, there was a tendency among users to dirty a place and then move on.

It was to prevent this abuse of resources that the self containment certificate system began to be put into place and since then it has become the norm.

Criteria for Self Containment Certificate Requirements:

  • The first step to ensuring that your motor caravan obtains a self containment certificate is by checking whether the vehicle meets with the norms of the self containment certificate or not. If it meets the minimum requirements then you can proceed to the next step.
  • The minimum requirements which you have to fulfill before even applying for an inspection of self containment are 12L of water supply per person [residing in the motor vehicle].This has to be fresh water supply and it has to be a minimum of 4L per person per day.
  • The provision of a toilet is very important. The minimum requirement for this is a toilet of at least 3L capacity per person. A holding water tank of 12L per person is also a must. These have to be installed before you can even apply for a self containment certificate.
  • An evacuation hose and a saleable refuse container are two other important things which have to be installed before you can begin the process of obtaining a self containment certificate.
  • After you have installed all the things mentioned above, you have to contact the Self Containment Office of your locality and arrange with the officials there regarding a time and date for the inspection of your motor vehicle.
  • Once the inspection is completed, the check list will be forwarded to the National Office for the Self Containment Unit of the locality. The certificate will be created and processed and it will take at least a week for you to receive yourself containment certificate from the authorities. The certificate is valid for a period of four years unless further modifications are done to the vehicle, in which case the whole process will have to be repeated again and a new self containment certificate will have to be issued.