High school is the 10+2 level of a school and after completing high school education, a person is eligible to move onto pursue undergraduate studies or diploma/associate course etc.  A High school certificate is a certificate which is obtained by a student who has completed the 12th standard education from a recognized school.

But in order to obtain this formal and important certificate, a student has to satisfy several requirements or fulfill certain needs. Without a high school certificate, a student is not allowed to enter college level education and this certificate is also needed for proof during many educational and job interviews etc. The following are the various high school certificate requirements.

  • Different countries have different high school certificate requirements but the basic criteria for obtaining the certificate remains the same at most places.
  • In order to obtain a high school certificate, the student must have passed 12th standard examinations with atleast the minimum score and percentage mark.
  • Another requirement to obtain the high school certificate is to pass high school studies from a recognized and accredited high school.
  • In order to get a high school certificate, the student must produce and present the 12th class mark sheet to the concerned authorities with the proof of passing percentage.
  • Another important requirement to obtain a high school certificate or a high school passing certificate is to have the minimum attendance percentage as well. The attendance is marked by the teachers of the high school and for this; the students must satisfy the minimum percentage requirement.
  • In some cases, students must also display good character and a clean past record for obtaining a high school certificate.
  • The minimum age requirement for obtaining this certificate is generally 16 or 18 years of age, depending upon the country or place of education.