Emory is a University which is one of the leading research universities in the world.  Emory University’s law program is rated as one of the best and to get its Emory law transactional certificate, a candidate has to fulfill certain requirements. This transactional law program of Emory University can provide students with all the tools that are needed for practice. The following are the major Emory law transactional certificate requirements for one to be able to pass and get the transactional certificate

  • The first and foremost requirement for a person to get an Emory Law transactional certificate is to receive 3 credit hours for atleast 120 hours of fieldwork at the placement during a semester.
  • The candidate who wishes to obtain this certificate must also have submitted written assignments as asked by the respective teacher or professor.
  • The candidate must also fulfill the other requirements which are asked for by the director of the program.
  • Students who want to obtain the Emory law transactional certificate must also attend weekly classes which are focused on one of the 8 practice areas which are ethical issues, procedural law, substantive law, professional skills and career paths relevant to their placement.
  • Only those candidates who fulfill the requirement of giving an overall time commitment of 150 hours to the program are eligible for getting the Emory law transaction certificate.
  • In order to enter this course also, one needs to fulfill certain requirements. One of these major requirements is to either be an LLM student or to be either a 2nd year or a 3rd year JD student.
  • One can apply for the course only by filling out a formal application form which can be obtained by signing in into the Emory law website. This form has to be sent to the person in-charge.