A dental assistant, quite understandably, works alongside a dentist or dental surgeon to assist him in related tasks and provide for all the equipments and surgical or dental tools that might be required in the course of treatment.

The dental assistant is responsible for ensuring that the instruments are properly sterilized, any cloth used is clean and free of infectious agents, the environment is clean, and such other basic operations; hence it is extremely important that the assistant be a certified one who would perform all these important tasks without any mistake or failure.

The assistant needs to be trained thoroughly in all these jobs to assist in major tasks of the dentist. Thus the State and the registered medical bodies of US have set certain eligibility requirements for attaining certification as a dental assistant.

Requirements for Dental Assistant Certificate:

  • Licensure of candidates by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association is compulsory to qualify as certified dental assistants.
  • Certificate programs specified by the Board have to be enlisted for and specific courses studied by all applicants desiring to attain Dental Assistant Certification.
  • Many dental schools and/or organizations provide Associate’s degree program of 2 years for dental assistant certificate eligibility.
  • The examination hosted by the Dental Assisting National Board to provide standards of a Certified Dental Assistant [CDA] are compulsory requirements for qualification – the test must be appeared for and passed successfully.
  • It is also necessary to hold the CPR certification.
  • Specific licensure programs are conducted by State bodies to register dental assistants in the required positions in hospitals and health care units recognized by the US government.

Procedure for Registration to Obtain Dental Assistant Certificate:

There are a few simple steps that are to be followed as part of the registration process for acquiring dental assistant certificates, which include:

  • The first and foremost duty of the candidate would be to apply for the process of registration for attaining authentic certificate as a Dental Assistant.
  • The initial fee of $30 that is generally to be paid qualifies the candidate for the next step of being assigned a unique registration number or code by the institute or organization.
  • The payment can be done online or through postal mailing, both of which are declared legal for issue of Dental Assistant Certificate.
  • This initial payment determines the status of the certificate – activated or expired. The initial renewal fee or activation charges ensure the first year of registration process and can remain valid for a term of two [2] to seventeen [17] months from the actual date of issue.