What are the requirements for a teaching certificate

Candidates who would want to pursue career as a teacher is any of the state should undertake the suggested teaching education and certification requirements. Also different states follow their own mechanism of selecting students for teaching positions. So with an eye on the eligibility requirements, candidates should do their preparation and pursue their career. The following are the general requirements in order to obtain a teaching certificate.

Things to be kept in mind while pursuing a teaching certificate:

The following are important pointers towards building a strong foundation to the career as a teaching using teaching certificate:

a)      Candidates who would like to become teachers are recommended to have both education and relevant full time work experience.

b)      Candidates should complete their basic study and pursue specialised courses in their subjects towards gaining an in-depth knowledge in the same.

c)      According to some of the state requirements, candidates are also suggested to take the teaching examination and perform well in the same. This would establish the skill of the candidate and strengthen their candidature.

d)     Candidates should pursue their courses only from recognised universities and colleges so that they can lend value to their education. Courses pursued from non-recognised institutions would not be considered as a valid degree.

e)      Most of the employers would prefer candidate who have complete their post-graduation program in their respective subject and have also completed their teacher training course.

f)       Employers can put a cap on the lower limit of marks to be obtained in their graduation, post-graduation and certification. The minimum threshold of the lower limit is 3 out of 5.

g)      Apart from obtaining the teaching training and completing the tests, candidates can also complete their health and psychology test as it is mandatory to make sure that teaching staff is provided with proper care and hence are able to deliver their work with dedication and confidence.

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