Wedding Certificate Requirements

The wedding certificate is very essential to be possessed by married couples. The wedding license and certificate requirements vary from state to state and may change without any prior intimation. Therefore one needs to keep updated about the wedding certificate requirements by approaching the local governing authority. The wedding certificate requirements may contain physical checkups and sample blood tests. The following are the wedding certificate requirements.

Minimum Criteria To Be Met By All Wedding Certificate Applicants:

  • The marriage license must be applied before the marriage is done
  • The wedding license if obtained, would allow the person to get married within the next three months in that particular state where the license is obtained
  • To obtain the wedding certificate, candidates should go and apply in person in the particular state or community
  • Only one of the partners can apply for the wedding certificate where the details and documentation for both the partners should be furnished
  • The partner applying for the wedding certificate need to also pay a fee for processing the application

Other Requirements To Obtain The Wedding Certificate:

  • The wedding certificate can be obtained with the help of a marriage convener or commissioner who performs the wedding ceremony of the couple.
  • There are various registration forms that the partners need to fill in and do the signatures.
  • The statement of marriage should be used as a testimony to the wedding of the couples and is used as a legal document. The statement of marriage is issued when the couple is just married.

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