Vermont Teaching Certificate Requirements

A Vermont teaching certificate enables an individual to teach as a professional anywhere in the state of Vermont. There are a number of steps involved in the same.

The Vermont department of Education is responsible for issuing the certification but a number of other departments also play an important role in doing the same.

For example, an individual has to undergo criminal checking in order to be declared fit to be issued the certificate. Thus, the process in a fairly complicated one and all the steps need to be understood carefully.

How to Obtain the First Three Year License:

  • If you are a resident of the state, then you have to complete an approved in-state teacher preparation program. You can also complete an out of state teacher preparation program which is approved by the state concerned. In case you have not completed an out of state teacher preparation program, you can present a valid pout of state teaching license and show at least three years of teaching experience in a state apart from Vermont.
  • You have to complete a criminal record check which includes fingerprinting before applying to teach in Vermont. You have to come clear in the FBI criminal records archives and also apply for a complete criminal and fingerprinting check to the Vermont Criminal Information Centre.
  • The first step in going through the criminal record checking procedure is to make an application to the Vermont Department of Education. This board will issue you a certificate which you have to take to Livescan fingerprinting agency. So a fingerprint authorization certificate is the first thing you have to collect.
  • You have to then pass the tests which are held in each area of certification. For example every candidate has to pass the Praxis 1 exam, and most candidates will also have to take the Praxis II examination in order to become licensed teachers in the state of Vermont. However some subjects or areas of expertise do not need the Praxis II exam and so you have to ensure that you know what the rules for your area of expertise are.
  • A completed application is the last step in becoming a teacher in Vermont. The application and other processing charges must be attached, along with resume, college transcripts, and criminal record passing form and so on. A money order for the amount of 160 USD also has to be made to the Vermont Department of Education Licensing Office.

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