VeriSign Certificate Requirements

VeriSign certificate requirements pertain to those that are to be adhered to by the websites to ensure that they have SSL protected sites. It provides authentication to the websites and provides information to the customer.

Most of the time, the customer demands from or requests to the website owners that they should have the VeriSign certificate imbibed on their website. The following are the VeriSign certificate requirement details.

Minimum criteria to be met by all VeriSign certificate applicants:

The minimum criteria to be met by all the VeriSign certificate websites are as below:

  1. The website should have undergone a thorough check on the transmission and storage of data on the server by third party examiners.
  2. If there are payment gateways in that server, then proper encrypting and decrypting signals should be used.
  3. Customer data should not be shared to any other party and must comply with all the other requirements to make the server and website safe and secure.
  4. Proper firewalls must be built in in the website pages so that no unauthenticated sites open and authentication is done before giving access to any user.

Other requirements to obtain a VeriSign certificate:

  1. There are many benefits of having the VeriSign certificate on the websites like the following:
    1. It allows the website to host user accounts
    2. It provides the flexibility to store details of customers and secure sensitive information.
    3. The website can have the feedback forms attached and have the ability to upload pages, etc.
    4. The VeriSign certificate show that the customer can have faith on the website and that the site follows all the internet secure protocols.
    5. Since the VeriSign certificate requirements are handled by a third party, the website is bound to review and adhere to the new guidelines for ensuring maximum customer information safety that is sent to and transmitted over the server.

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