Therapist Certificate Requirements

Therapist certificate requirements are applicable to candidates who would like to pursue careers related to medical therapy. Candidates should at least complete their Bachelor’s degree to apply for courses that lead to obtaining the therapist certificate on its successful completion. More details on the therapist certificate requirements are mentioned below in detail.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Therapist certificate applicants:

The minimum criteria that is to be met by all the therapist certificate applicants are prescribed below:

a)      Candidates should complete their graduation and master’s degree courses before applying for the therapist certificate.

b)      There are certain most popular courses that can be opted for by candidates who would like to get the therapist certificate – Health care informatics certificate, nursing – health care education certificate, certificate in behavioural analysis, etc.

c)      They should enrol into courses that are concentrated into health care and nursing programs.

d)     Some of the colleges that conduct courses in therapist certificate have a perquisite of completing their bachelor’s program and also possibly have a relevant full time work experience.

Other requirements to obtain a Therapist certificate:

  1. Candidates, apart from possessing the above requirements, should display an understanding of cognitive and psychometric learning techniques, therapy strategies, etc.
  2. The total credit points that are required in order to possess a therapist certificate is 12.
  3. The programs from where candidates should take up the therapist certificate course should have been an accredited course and must be accredited by National Central Association.
  4. Candidates should also have crossed 18 years of age at the time of applying for the therapist certificate.
  5. Candidate should successfully pass the examination conducted by the institute where therapist certificate course is being opted.
  6. Candidates should get the license of also having knowledge of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This should be gained before applying for and obtaining the therapist certificate.

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