Texas Sales Tax Certificate Requirements

Texas Sales Tax certificate requirements are applicable for sellers of goods and services who would also like to give them on rent. One of the mandatory requirements is to provide goods and services that are taxable in nature. The following are the other mandatory requirements that can be required to be obtained by applicants for Texas Sales Tax certification.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Texas Sales Tax certificate applicants:

The following are the mandatory requirements that are to be possessed by candidates who are applying for the Texas Sales Tax certificate:

  1. Candidates need to firstly get registered under the Texas Secretary of State. They should apply there and get a valid registration number.
  2. Candidates need to have the mandatory registration number in order to apply for the Texas Sales Tax certificate and if the company set up by the applicant is given recognition of a “Corporation”.
  3. Applicants should then proceed to apply for the identification number called EIN for your corporation.
  4. Different types of corporation are categorized by NAICS codes. Applicants should find out their NAICS code and apply in that category for the Texas Sales Tax certificate.

Other requirements to obtain a Texas Sales Tax certificate:

  1. Applicants should gain all the aforementioned numbers and fill the Texas Sales Tax certificate application in all those information. These are absolutely essential to obtain the Texas Sales Tax certificate and without these details, the application for the Texas Sales Tax certificate would get rejected.
  2. Candidates should have a valid SSN which is under their address of the corporation. Applicants should also possess a valid tax account to charge taxes to their customers.
  3. The final step is to logon to the website of Taxes Comptroller of Public Accounts. The applicant would get an intimation of the processing of their application within a fortnight.

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