Texas Resale Certificate Requirements

Texas resale certificate requirements pertain to the seller in Texas selling goods and services as resale. The buyer of the resale items will need to produce the Texas resale certificate for the specific goods that the buyer is only purchasing for resale. Texas resale certificate can be issued in standard, contract or blanket mode. The supplier should get the resale certificate issued by the buyer and must store it for audit purposes for at least a four year period. The following are more information regarding the Texas resale certificate.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Texas Resale certificate applicants:

The minimum criteria to be met by all the Texas resale certificate applicants:

  1. Candidates who would like to opt for the Texas resale certificate should first look for the Taxes Comptroller Website where the application for Texas resale certificate is available.
  2. The applicant should complete the Texas resale certificate application with all mandatory details and few of the optional required details (as applicable).
  3. Candidates need not have to fill the tax exempt certificate that comes in conjugation with the Texas resale certificate. Both are two different certificates for two different purposes.
  4. After completing all the filled-in details, candidates should sign the Texas resale certificate application.
  5. Finally the candidate should submit the Texas resale certificate to the supplier.

Other requirements to obtain a Texas Resale certificate:

  1. In addition to the already mentioned details that the applicant should fill in in a Texas resale certificate, applicants should also include if he or she is purchasing all the items for resale.
  2. If only few of the items are for resale, then all those item details are to be mentioned in the Texas resale certificate application.
  3. The buyer should also make a copy of the Texas resale certificate application and preserve it for their future reference.

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