Teaching Certificate Requirements

A person who wishes to be in the teaching profession needs to have certain minimum requirements to be fulfilled so as to obtain the teaching certificate. Teaching is a profession where a person is responsible for imparting some kind of education or knowledge to a group of people and thus it is a job which requires a sense of responsibility and knowledge of the subject. A person needs to have atleast a Bachelor’s degree in any subject so as to become a teacher or apply for a teaching certification course. There are certain other requirements which must be met so as to obtain a certification of teaching.

The following are the requirements to get a teaching certificate:

  • The first prerequisite to become a teacher is to have elementary school certificate along with a bachelor’s degree in any subject. Some areas or teaching levels also require a Master’s degree in the subject one wishes to teach.
  • One also needs to have completed a basic teaching course from a recognised institute in order to teach at the elementary school level. A nursery teacher training course may be required to teach at nursery level in school.
  • In order to become a teacher for higher grades in school, a teaching experience of a certain number of hours is required as per the respective norms of the states.
  • One needs to have passed a mandatory teaching examination to teach at the college level or in high schools.
  • A person who wishes to be a sport teacher or a music teacher needs to have certain specific requirements which are particular to each institute, school or college.

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