Teacher Certification Requirements

Minimum criteria to be met by all teacher certification applicants:

  • Candidates need to at least possess a Bachelor’s degree in their respective subjects from any top university or accredited college
  • Candidates without a Bachelor’s degree can obtain teacher position by obtaining teacher certification degrees
  • Candidates must pass the mandatory teacher certification examination and must keep the passing marks required by various states in mind
  • Candidates need to be eligible for all the minimum standards as prescribed by the National Board of Professional Teaching
  • Applicants must have completed their mandatory teaching program from approved institutions

Other requirements to obtain a teacher certification:

  1. Applicants need to possess knowledge of application of concepts to the real life situations
  2. To obtain a certificate that can be valid across all the states, candidates must display a portfolio  showing their professional work experience and their success in handling various modules in diverse situations
  3. Candidates can obtain teaching endorsements by showing their skill in handling subjects of various kinds in which they would not have been specialised in but have used or handled them in real life work experiences
  4. Candidates also need to show a career and skill based certification in their subject
  5. If candidates have obtained training in other countries, states in the US may not accept them. Therefore candidates must obtain certification again as accepted by the states.

Teacher Certification examination details:

Type of examination: Complex

Type of questions: Questions with multiple choices

Topics covered:

Mathematics, English, Social studies, Sciences

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