Tax Clearance Certificate Requirements

Tax clearance certificate requirements are applicable in contexts when the applicable taxes to be paid by an individual are required to be shown for clearance in the order of issue of the certificate. The revenue department will issue the tax arrears which should be cleared in instalments as discussed and agreed with the revenue department. The following are the details regarding the tax clearance certificate requirements.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Tax Clearance certificate applicants:

  1. The tax clearance certificate requirements are only applicable for those individuals who are applying for state sponsored capital or are obtaining license contracts. The other cases where the tax clearance certificate requirements can be applicable is when candidates are elected as judicial representatives in higher positions.
  2. The revenue department will automatically issue the tax clearance certificate requirements when there are outstanding arrears in the name of individuals.

Tax Clearance Certificate Course Details:

Different tax clearance certificates are applicable for resident and non-resident individuals. Non- residents should fill in and send the tax clearance certificate to the appropriate location. The tax clearance certificate requirements for them are to fill in TC1 – Application for Tax Clearance certificate form.

Other requirements to obtain a Tax Clearance certificate:

  1. The following three types of non-resident applicants are defined for tax clearance certificate requirements:
    1. Non residents who haven’t have a permanent residence in the Irish state and who are applicable for Irish tax
    2. Non residents who have a permanent residence in the Irish state and who are applicable for Irish tax
    3. Non residents who do not have a permanent residence and are no registered for Irish tax

Further credentials to obtain Tax Clearance Certificate:

  1. Individuals who have cleared all their dues and arrears should make sure all the payments are made and documents are submitted before applying for the Tax clearance certificate.

Further credentials to obtain Home Health Aide Certificate:

  1. Most of the employers only opt for candidates who have home health aide certification along with education completion requirements.

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