Surf Rescue Certificate Requirements

Surf club certificate requirements pertain to those professionals who would like to pursue the job of a lifesaver along the sea coast. Candidates who would like to obtain the surf club certificate should take up relevant degree through enrolling into surf clubs. The below are the requirements in order to obtain a surf rescue certificate.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Surf Rescue certificate applicants:

There is certain minimum criteria that has to be met by all candidates that would qualify for the position of a surf rescuer and can obtain the surf rescue certificate:

a)      Candidates should be above the age of 13

b)      The candidates should attend the surf rescue course that is spread over two day duration

c)      Candidates should be able to develop the ability to undertake life saving and rescue operations, provide basic care and first aid to the affected, etc.

d)     Candidates must also know how to do the 100 metres Run, 100 metres Swim and 100 metres Run within the time duration of less than 5 minutes.

e)      Candidates should also complete all the relevant coursework including practical and theory books and courses.

Other requirements to obtain a Surf Rescue certificate:

  1. Candidates can also take up additional courses to learn live saving techniques like resuscitation, saving techniques, supervision, etc.
  2. Candidates should also appear for the life saving examination that is conducted at the end of the 2 day course. The minimum percentage to be obtained in this examination to get the surf rescue certificate is 80.
  3. The candidates should also make payment for the 2 day course
  4. There are courses that are conducted to help students get recertification in surf rescue certificate.
  5. Candidates can attend the 2 day workshop according to their convenience as there are various slots in which the training is being held.

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