Succession Certificate Requirements

A succession certificate is used to get the legal authority of the property and related assets to the legal heir of a person who has or has not left a will. If the property holder dies due to a sudden or unforeseen reason, then the succession certificate will be handed over by the court of law to the legal heir apparent. Below are various details on the succession certificate requirements.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Succession certificate applicants:

The following are the minimum criteria that are to be met by all the succession certificate applicants:

a)      The heirs who would claim to get the succession certificate need to show necessary documents to prove that they are heir apparent to the property owned by the deceased person.

b)      The heir should accept to take not only the assets but also the liabilities of the deceased person.

c)      The succession certificate would only be issued as per the applicable inheritance laws governed by the state or the country.

d)     The important documents that are required to be shown to get the succession certificate are the death certificate of the deceased person, judicial administration, and a no objection certificate.

Other requirements to obtain a Succession certificate:

  1. The court of law that can decide on the ownership of the property must be in the same locale or region of the property.
  2. The application for succession certificate would contain fields on all the heirs in the family along with the death certificate of the deceased person.
  3. The court of law gives a gap of 45 days before issuing the succession certificate to the heir who claims the property – its assets and liabilities.
  4. Within these 45 days if no one else claims to get the property, then succession certificate can be issued to the applicant.
  5. Adequate succession certificate fees have to be made in the court of law where the decision will be taken.

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