Ssl Certificate Requirements

SSL certificate requirements are a part of security measures needed to launch an e-commerce website. Security features that can be enabled through an SSL certificate are payment gateways through credit or debit cards, online banking, visa cards, etc. SSL certificates provide a sense of trust among the public who would like to do business with the e-commerce company. The SSL certificate imbibes a feeling of trust and hope that the payments made would be safe and secure. Not meeting the SSL certificate requirements would lead the program to warn the visitors of the page from doing financial transactions on the website.

Minimum Criteria To Be Met By All SSL Certificate Applicants:

  • The SSL certificate application would need the company to disclose information that the board of SSL seeks to verify.
  • A certificate signing request is commonly used to accompany the SSL certificate application.
  • The name of the site is to be furnished in the documentation for SSL certificate application
  • Also include the domain name. Different domain names must subscribe to a different SSL certificate.
  • The SSL board also need to publish the information about the company like various departments, address including the name of the street, city and country.
  • One of the most essential information that must be enclosed with the SSL certificate application is the contact details (contact representative name, e-mail address and phone number) of the company. This shall be used by the SSL Board to communicate important information to the e-business website.

After all the verification is done, the company will be issued a SSL certificate.

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