Sports Pilot Certificate Requirements

The sports pilot certificate requirements are used to induct trained and certified candidates into the aviation industry. Through the help of sports pilot certification, candidates have got a way to enter this space with much more affordability and accessibility. The following are the details regarding sports pilot certificate:

Minimum Criteria To Be Met By All Sports Pilot Certificate Applicants:

  • Candidates would not need to produce a medical certificate. However, they need to show their proof of medical competence in the form of vehicle driving license, etc.
  • The candidates should have passed in the Airman Medical certificate
  • Candidates need to obtain the sports pilot certificate as a student or trainee from the Federal Aviation Administration

Other Requirements:

  • The age limit to apply for the sports pilot certificate is minimum 18 years
  • Candidates should have good oral communication and written skills in English language
  • Must have completed at least 20 hours of flying experience which comprises of a minimum of fifteen hours under trained sports pilot instructor of which two hours must belong to cross-country experience and five years in flying single-handedly without the help of the instructor
  • Must have appeared and cleared the sports pilot certificate entrance examination
  • Must produce valid US State driving license
  • The candidates with sports pilot certificate are only allowed to fly the airplanes which are classified as light weight or within the limits mentioned under LSA
  • Candidates cannot take in more than one passenger in the flight
  • Candidates need to fly only during the day

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