Scup Certificate Requirements

SCUP, which stand for System Centre Upgrade Publisher, is an application which is generally needed to configure systems. The SCUP certificate is required so as to publish and deploy updates to Configuration Manager. We can produce the SCUP certificate by this application. Alternatively, we can also use a PKI to generate the SCUP certificate.

Minimum Criteria To Be Met By All Those SCUP Certificate Applicants:

  • Enable the export option to allow the private key
  • Set the signature to “digital”
  • Make the key size to be at least 2048

Other Requirements And Steps To Get The SCUP Certificate:

  • Click on the Certificate authority from the start menu
  • Choose the Certificate Templates menu
  • Click on “Manage” to use the wizard or console of certificate management
  • Enter any chosen name for the template and click on Request Handling
  • Here enable the export option to allow the private key
  • Go to the Subject Name tab and enter the details below like “Supply in the request” and “Build this Active Directory Information”
  • Check the “User Principal name” checkbox
  • From the tab for extensions, set the signature to “digital”
  • Go to the Security tab, give privileges to authenticated users and grant the desired read / write/ full control permissions
  • Enter other defaulted information and click on “Apply”
  • The next step is to apply for the SCUP certificate
  • Use the group policy to deploy the System Centre Upgrade Publisher certificate.
  • You will be given the grant to use the SCUP certificate for configuring system centers.

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