SCCM Certificate Requirements

SCCM certificate is required to ensure that all the server and client communications happen seamlessly. The SCCM 2012 certification requires us to install and configure processes that are not similar to SCCM 2007 certification which has the custom ser up in place already. In SCCM 2012, there are many secure HTTPS setups and there is a necessity to possess a public key infrastructure. The following are the details related to SCCM certification requirement.

The SCCM Certificate Requirements include the following:

  • The servers and clients that are needed to obtain the SCCM certificate should receive the Configuration Manager Client certificate first. This is required for the new site code of the server.
  • The servers and its sites should be able to run various points required for SCCM certificate with the port connected to IIS
  • The installation of the site server initiates the connection with the server site and configures the self-signed certificate via Toad or SQL developer.
  • The unit task also involves creating a new certificate template called Config Manager Site SQL Server Identification certificate
  • You also need to add the managed service account through the administrators on SQL server
  • Raise a request to the SQL Server store identified as “personal” from the MMP certificate
  • There are also some security options to configure like deleting “Rights to enrol” from domain administrators and enterprise administrators
  • Give “Read, write, execute” access to Configuration Manager SQL Server
  • Finally rebooting the system is necessary in order to use the new configuration and installed security.

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