Respiratory Therapist Certificate Requirements

Respiratory therapist certification requirements pertain to the training necessity that a candidate interested in the profession of a respiratory therapist needs to possess. A respiratory therapist need to be adept at providing clinical medical services and a respiratory therapist certification would help immensely in the same. Following are the respiratory therapist certificate requirements.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Respiratory Therapist certificate applicants:

Candidates who would like to obtain the respiratory therapist certificate should undertake the following requirements in order to get through the eligibility:

a)      Candidates should enrol into a course and get the certification that is accredited by National Board of Respiratory Care

b)      Candidates should complete the mandatory program in order to obtain the respiratory therapist certification.

c)      Candidates should also appear for the NRBC examination conducted by the accrediting agency and pass the same with good grades

d)     Candidates should complete the certification requirements and then apply for a valid license to be able to start working as a respiratory therapist. Most of the states have made it mandatory for candidates to possess the licensure.

Other requirements to obtain a Respiratory Therapist certificate:

  1. Candidates can opt for the level in which they would like to obtain certification.
  2. For candidates who would like to get into entry level jobs in respiratory therapist career can just complete the Certified Pulmonary Function Technologist courses and the applying examination for the same.
  3. For this the minimum qualification is to complete the bachelor level degree.
  4. For candidates who are aiming for higher levels in the job of a respiratory therapist, a relevant certificate must be obtained which can be gained by completing the courses and certification in Registered Respiratory Therapist and / or Registered Pulmonary Function Technologist.
  5. For this, the minimum qualifying degree and examination is a master course and specialised courses.

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