Residence Certificate Requirements

A residence certificate requires a number of documents. This is issued by the concerned authorities after an individual can furnish evidence that he has resided in a particular state for the required minimum period of time, or states his intention to reside in the state for a long time.

The residence certificate requirements are not very complicated but the procedure must be completed properly in order for the residence certificate to be accurate and correct.

The document is a very important one and serves as an important marker of identity as well.

How to Obtain a Residence Certificate?

  • There are two kinds of residence certificates which are available to individuals of the various states of the United States of America. In the first instance an individual can opt for a residence certificate after living in a state for some time. In the second instance, an individual can opt to file an affidavit stating his intention in residing in a state for a certain amount of time. Both certificates are also known as domicile certificates.
  • In order to obtain a residence certificate an individual will need to fill out a form which is called the domicile form. This is also known as a declaration of domicile form. After doing so, the document will have to be processed by the concerned authorities before you are granted the certificate of residence.
  • The domicile declaration has to be signed under oath in front of an official who can serve as public notary, that is, who is vested with the powers of the law to serve as the notary for the public of the state of residence of the individual. After this is done, the document has to be signed by a lawyer and the required stamps and signatures must be added to it.
  • The clerk of a local circuit court is the recipient of the declaration of domicile that you sign. This individual is responsible for handling all such cases in your locality, and all further procedures will happen only after the clerk has received the domicile declaration statement.
  • After this, the individual in question will be granted a residence certificate following the legal procedures. This usually takes about a month. Following the reception of this crucial document the individual will be considered as the bona fide citizen of the state in which he has filed the declaration of domicile document.

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