QLD Safety Certificate Requirements

A QLD certificate requirements is required to comply with road safety norms that would make sure that all the parts of the vehicle are federal compliant and also the vehicle is well equipped to handle different emergency situations. The parts that would need to become QLD safety complaint to obtain the QLD safety certification are types, suspension of the vehicle, lights and screens, contingency exists, brakes, etc. The following are the requirements that have to be met in order to obtain the QLD safety certification.

The requirements to be met to obtain QLD safety certification:

  • Every new vehicle is needed to undergo a safety test to ensure that the purchase is worthy and adheres to all vehicle safety standards
  • Vehicle owners who would like to sell their vehicle also need to present the QLD safety certification.
  • The QLD safety certification requirements are applicable to all the registered and unregistered vehicles.
  • The vehicle owners or automobile companies can apply for the QLD safety certification from any approved inspection stations. The department of transport has given approval to many approved inspection stations like workshops, garages, service stations, etc.

Recertification requirements:

The QLD safety certification should be current and valid. The certification validity varies for different sellers of vehicle like:

  • Dealers – For dealers, the QLD safety certification is valid for 1000 KMs or 3 months
  • Private owners: For private individual owners, the QLD safety certification is valid for 2000 KMs or 2 months and is valid for each transfer of vehicle
  • New vehicles bought: For new vehicles bought, the QLD safety certification is valid for 2000 KMs or 2 months from the date of issue of the vehicle

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