Post Management Certificate Requirements

Post management certificate requirements are applicable for those candidates who would like to obtain middle management positions in public safety officer post. This is mostly for lieutenants, captains, etc. Prospective public safety officers are preferably required to take up the courses and certification requirements as part of the Post Management certificate. This would help them reach up the ladder in the middle or higher level management designations as a Public safety officer. Below given are the Post Management certificate requirements.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Post Management certificate applicants:

  1. Candidates can obtain the Post management certificate if they complete all the three mandatory courses which are conducted by POST educational institutions.
  2. They also need to complete at least two management level courses. They need to attend these classes with each of the classes spanning one full day.
  3. The two elective courses will be decided by the law enforcement executive agencies.

Post Management Certificate Course Details:

Some of the post management certificate courses are namely instructor certifications, middle level and supervisor level certifications, etc. The Post Management certificate courses can also be done online from various programs conducted by colleges and universities. On successful completion of the course subjects and also the related examinations, candidates would be given credit for those subjects completed as part of obtaining the Post Management certificate.

Other requirements to obtain aPost Management certificate:

  1. Among the other requirements in order to obtain a Post Management certificate, candidates need to submit a letter for obtaining the Post Management certificate
  2. The letter should accompany the copies of the completed courses in Post Management certificate including the elective management course copies.
  3. These documents will be verified by the certifying agency and then would be then reviewed by a panel whose approval will result in the candidate obtaining the Post Management certificate.

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