Post Advanced Certificate Requirements

A Post advanced certificate requirements document can be used by those applicants who are interested to become public safety officers. The Post advanced certificate requirements lists the minimum experience and educational criteria to be met along with the certifications and training details. Below given are the detailed specifications in order to obtain a Post advanced certificate.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Post Advanced certificate applicants:

  1. On the educational front, candidates who would like to obtain the Post advanced certificate should possess at least a bachelor’s degree course in MLEA
  2. There are also various POST approved curriculum programs that can be taken in order to qualify for Post advanced certificate requirements.
  3. Candidates should also possess at least one year of work experience with agencies that can lend expertise to carry out the tasks as a public safety officer effectively.

Post Advanced Certificate Course Details:

Candidates who would like to obtain a post advanced certificate should get their work attested by the certifying officer. This attestation should mean that the candidate has undergone the training and has completed all assignments to the satisfaction of the certifying authority. Candidates who take up the Post Advanced certificate courses are also given credit. The credits are given in the below manner:

  1. Credit given for one semester hour is 10
  2. Credit given for one quarter hour is 6

Other requirements to obtain a Post Advanced certificate:

  1. Most of the employers expect that candidates who would apply for the Post advanced certificate should have at least four years of relevant full time work experience
  2. The candidates also need to complete at least 1000 hours of training education in POST
  3. Candidates who are aiming for advanced level or supervisory level POST advanced certificate should have greater hours of training and relevant POST work experience.
  4. All the credit hours obtained from the Post Advanced certificate course should help the candidates carry out the tasks as a Public Health Officer effectively.

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