Post Advanced Certificate Requirements

A post advanced certificate can be issued only after the stringent rules and regulations for the same have been adhered to.

This includes both educational and work related criteria. Extensive training in a relevant field, a certain number of credits per hour, relevant courses are the three components helps in obtaining a post advanced certificate.

These criteria have to be fulfilled by an individual who wishes to obtain this very prestigious certificate. The certificate will stand him in good stead and its aim is to attest to the talent and eligibility of a person to work as a public safety or public health officer.

Steps to Obtain a Post Advanced Certificate:

  • The individual who wishes to apply for a post advanced certificate has to have a bachelor’s degree in MLEA at the very least. This is the minimum educational requirement for a post advanced certificate.
  • The candidate can also take part in the many POST approved curriculum which are offered in order to increase his or her qualifications for a post advanced certificate. Work experience is also crucial in being eligible for a post advanced certificate. Candidates should show at least a year’s work experience with a public agency that will equip him with tools to become an effective and efficient public safety officer.
  • Candidates will have to undergo certain coursework and training programs. Once these are completed, he has to get all his certificates attested by a certifying authority which will prove his claim to a post advanced certificate. Candidates are also given credits in the post advanced certificate courses on an hourly basis. So for one hour’s worth of study and work the candidate is given 10 credits, and for quarter hour, 6 credits.
  • As far as certain other criteria are concerned, employers expect candidates who are to be given the post advanced certificate to have worked in a relevant field for at least four years. This shows his work ethic and tenacity, and is given great weight by the authorities who will issue the post advanced certificate to the individual.
  • The candidate has to be complete a minimum of 1000 working hours in POST before being eligible to apply for a post advanced certificate. The work and training must be in a relevant field. For people who wish to obtain higher grades of post advanced certificates, the work hours will automatically increase.

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