Pool Safety Certificate Requirements

Pool safety certificate requirements are essential to follow by all sellers and buyers of property or homes and these guidelines are given out by various state local regulations. Whenever the seller is selling the property to a buyer, then the pool safety certificate (either existing or new) must be handed over to them. The following are the details instructions to obtain a pool safety certificate.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Pool Safety certificate applicants:

  1. In order to obtain a pool safety certificate, application has to be sent by the requestor to the licensed pool safety inspector.
  2. Any business establishments like hotels, lodgings, firms, motels, residential homes are expected to apply for the pool safety certificate.
  3. All the approved swimming pools need to be present in the register maintained for all registered swimming pools.
  4. In order to obtain the pool safety certificate, swimming pools need to comply with the requirement that safety barriers need to be placed in all the swimming pools and spas. This is applicable for all pools and spas deeper than 300 mm.

Other requirements to obtain a Pool Safety certificate:

  1. The seller of the property has 90 days after the sale transaction has proceeded to hand over a new pool safety certificate or an approved Form 36.
  2. The pool safety certificate can be valid for either one or two years depending on whether the pool is constructed for public or private purposes.
  3. There is a deadline to obtain the pool safety certificate for the state of Queensland which is Nov 30, 2012.
  4. In case of sale of property, the seller has 90 days to produce and hand over the pool safety certificate to the buyer.
  5. But in the case of lease of property, there is no intermediate period of 90 days. Before the leasing transaction is occurred, the pool safety certificate has to be passed over to the tenant.

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