PMP Certificate Requirements

Candidates who are aiming to become project management professionals are required to take the PMP certificate examinations. These PMP certificates could prove to be very useful to students who want to build a successful career and build and edge over the others. Below given are the requirement in order to become a PMP certificate professional.

Minimum criteria to be met by all PMP certificate applicants:

Candidates who are looking forward to becoming PMP professionals need to satisfy one of the following requirements:

  1. Candidates are required to do about 30-40 hours of continuous study in project management related courses
  2. Candidates need to have industry exposure by having at least a couple of years of work experience in any of the project management roles in an organization

Along with these requirements, candidates are expected to write the PMP examination and pass it with good grades.

Other requirements in order to obtain a PMP certificate:

  1. Candidates need to complete their basic high school and secondary school training
  2. Candidates should gain a work experience in project management in areas like planning, scheduling, cost control, budgeting, etc.
  3. Candidates should have industry knowledge and must be focussed towards pursuing their goal with due diligence and hard work
  4. Candidates should have the ability to work under pressure, keep all the people motivated to work and perform their tasks on time
  5. Candidates who have experience of have handled the entire life cycle of a project are given preference over the others
  6. Candidates must have developed good history and excellent credentials from all their past work experiences and interactions

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