Pilot Medical Certificate Requirements

A pilot medical certificate is required when a pilot is venturing out in the open space and wants to fly alone in private aircraft, airplane, or a helicopter. All aviation companies will mandate the possession of the pilot medical certificate with all their candidates. This is to ensure that the candidate is medically fit to take up the job and can person it will without any medical illness. A private pilot goes through a lot of thought process during flying and pilot medical certificate requirements are intended to address this necessity.

Minimum Criteria To Be Met By All Pilot Medical Certificate Applicants:

  • Candidates must appear for a medical examination conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration under a medical examiner
  • The candidates can get the information about the test and the venue from any of the listed offices like district office, air traffic control facility, flight service station, etc.
  • Candidates need not possess any class or grade in the medical examination. At least a third-class would be good enough, but not mandatory.
  • It is always essential to have the copy of the pilot medical certificate during any kind of flying by the candidate

Other Requirements Needed For Pilot Medical Certificate:

  • The candidates must schedule a prior appointment with the medical examiner and submit the filled-in complete FAA application form
  • Candidates should also undergo physically examination to ensure that they meet the medical standards and regulations
  • The Aviation Medical Examiner will issue the pilot medical certificate after the candidate is totally equipped to take on private flying with good medical condition

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