PHR Certificate Requirements

Candidates who are in human resources specialisation will be benefited by the PHR certificate courses and examinations. Candidates would be able to increase their job demand and also perform to their utmost potential if they are further equipped with courses relevant to this field. Below given are the requirements in order to obtain a PHR certificate.

Minimum criteria to be met by all PHR certificate applicants:

  1. Candidates should primarily glance at the educational requirements as mandated by the HRCI. They should verify if they meet all those requirements
  2. Candidates need to appear for the PHR Certificate examination and must pass it with very good grades
  3. Candidates should preferably have a work experience for at least a couple of years in any position in human resources field.

PHR Certificate Examination Details:

The following areas are covered in the PHR certificate examinations that interested students must focus on:

  • Human resources opportunities and challenges
  • Worker compensation and management
  • Incentives and benefits
  • Recruitment and Planning processes
  • Strategy and International Business

Other requirements to obtain a PHR certificate:

  1. Candidates should have excellent knowledge in all fundamental subjects in Human Resources
  2. Candidates should gain hands on knowledge of working under talented human resource managers and obtain working knowledge
  3. Candidates are supposed to display excellent knowledge and expertise in handling issues related to human resources policy and management

Further credentials to obtain PHR Certificate:

  1. Candidates can opt for SPHR (Senior professional in HR) examination upon further interest to obtain higher level certification
  2. SPHR examination is the next highest level of course for HR professionals after PHR certificate

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