Pharmacy Technician Certification Requirements

Minimum criteria to be met by all Pharmacy Technician applicants:

  • Candidates must be registered with the State Board of Pharmacy
  • The minimum qualification is a high school diploma
  • Candidates need to obtain certification from any of the accredited institutions like PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board) or ICPT (Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians)
  • Should not have any history of convictions mostly pharmacy or drug related convictions
  • Should not be restricted in any way by the State Board of Pharmacy
  • At least one of the twenty continuous hours of study should be done in pharmacy law

Pharmacy Technician Certification examination details:

Time: 2 hours (maximum)

Type of questions: Questions with multiple choices

Number of questions: 90

Topics covered:

Assisting pharmacy professionals

Patient care and service

Knowledge in medical terminology and advising drugs and medicines

Cost control mechanisms

Knowledge in pharmacy management

Other requirements:

  1. Candidates need to get recertification after every 2 years
  2. The requirement to get recertification is completing twenty hours of education within the previous 2 years duration or completion of 10 hours of education under an able and skilled pharmacist can also gain the candidate the recertification
  3. Candidates are expected to possess good customer service attitude
  4. Excellent communication skills is a must
  5. Candidates need to have the ability to prepare and decode prescriptions for medicines and their daily usage
  6. An eye for detail is a preferred soft skill to be possessed by the candidate
  7. Certification can be obtained in any of the branches of pharmacy technician course

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