Pharmacist Certification Requirements

According to various state requirements, candidates who would like to apply for the position of a pharmacist should gain various certifications that are necessary of the career. The candidates need to get their registration done from their respective state department of employment and equal opportunity.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Pharmacist certification applicants:

  • Candidates who would like get the pharmacist certification should at least have completed their graduation or equivalent diploma in pharmacy from a recognised institution from the United States.
  • Candidates are also required to pay a definite registration fee for the certification examination
  • The certification examination is conducted by the institutes such as Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians, The Board of Pharmacy technicians, etc.
  • Candidates are needed to take up the North American Pharmacist licensure test, which is made mandatory is almost all the states now.
  • The candidates should display the skill to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations in the tests and examinations.
  • There are varying requirements of the age limit who are eligible to apply for the pharmacist certification

Continued education requirements for obtaining pharmacist certification:

Candidates are also needed to complete a pre-defined number of hours of continued education in subjects of pharmacy

a)   Renewal of the licenses and certifications are necessary to stay updated and to make the certification valid across states and organizations.

b)   Most of the state requirements mandate completion of at least fifteen hours of study in pharmacy every year. The major subjects that can be taken are didactic, CEU, etc. also including attending seminars and live presentations in this field.

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