Personal Trainer Certificate Requirements

Candidates who are interested to become personal trainers can look for personal training and certification that is a part of the complete set of requirements in order to be eligible for the position of a personal trainer. The job of a personal trainer is to provide fitness training to people of various age groups. So through proper training and certification, candidates would be able to develop the skills and required licensure to start working as a personal trainer. The following are the personal trainer certificate requirements.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Personal Trainer certificate applicants:

The following are some of the minimum criteria that must be met by candidates who would like to become a personal trainer. They are:

a)      Candidates are expected to complete their high school, secondary school and graduation in fitness training courses.

b)      Although not compulsory, candidates should preferably take up specialised courses in fitness training. Candidates having enough work experience in fitness training would also be considered for the position of a personal trainer.

c)      Candidates who are working in organizations as a personal trainer and also who have set up their own business in this field would benefit immensely from the personal trainer certificate. It helps in gaining new clients and growing the business.

d)     There are many schools and colleges from where candidates can obtain their education in exercise science and personal physical training.

Other requirements to obtain a Personal Trainer certificate:

  1. Candidates should also know additional subjects on nutrition, physiology, etc.
  2. Candidates should also know how to help people in emergency situations where the afflicted person is ill due to physical ailments or lessening of fitness levels.
  3. The American Council of Exercise conducts many affiliated courses in physical fitness. There are several other institutions that accredit such courses.
  4. Candidates should aim to get thorough knowledge in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

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