Passport Birth Certificate Requirements

Passport birth certificate requirements are those certain basic necessities that are required from a person’s birth certificate to be given as a proof for obtaining a passport. A birth certificate is one of the most important documents that are needed while a person is applying for a passport. But each country or state has a different set of rules or regulations for the birth certificate document.  A person cannot be issued a passport unless he/she qualifies for the perfect birth certificate document acceptance by the passport issuing authorities of that country.

The following are some of the requirements from a birth certificate that are needed so that one can get a passport made in his/her name.

  • In some countries, it is important to have the name of either one or both the parents on the birth certificate.
  • The birth certificate being given as proof must be either the original document or a certified copy. This means that the birth certificate document must not be raised, embossed, engraved or with a multicoloured seal.
  • A birth certificate which is issued before the birth of a person is not accepted by the passport issuing authorities.
  • The birth certificate must have the name, date of birth and place of the name where the person was born.
  • A birth certificate must also have the registrar’s name to be considered valid.

These requirements are the major necessities but there are slight changes or modifications of these requirements depending on country to country.

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