Paralegal Certificate Requirements

Paralegal certification is used to strengthen the candidature of lawyers who would like to advance their training in paralegal studies. The time duration for paralegal certification can range from half a year to one and half year. There are a variety of topics that are covered in paralegal certification. Some of them are legal and ethical aspects of business, legal laws, contracts and research, communication skills, etc.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Paralegal certificate applicants:

There are varying eligibility requirements to obtain paralegal certification.

  • Candidates must have some amount of relevant full time experience in law
  • Candidates should have completed their graduation in law from a recognised institution
  • Candidates must opt for recertification once in every 2-5 years in accordance with the legal rules and regulations in order for the certification to stay valid
  • Candidates should have prior knowledge on paralegal studies through their mandatory work experience

Other requirements required for obtaining paralegal certification:

  1. Paralegal certification can be obtained from any of the recognised institutions like National Association for Paralegal Associations, The American Bar Association, National Federation of Legal Professionals, etc.
  2. Candidates need to appear for CLA or CAP examination and obtain good marks if they would like to become paralegal certificated lawyers.
  3. Most of the states also enforce a post high school certification requirement in studies in legal assistants
  4. The course in legal assistants should be completed for at least 15 hours per semester
  5. The work experience can be from computer work or general administrative experience.

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