Occupancy Certificate Requirements

An occupancy certificate is required by buildings and real estate constructions in order to be compliant with government rules and regulations. The occupancy certificate requirements mention whether the building is satisfying all criteria related to the age and quality of construction so as to become suitable for occupancy.

Below given are more details about the occupancy certificate requirements:

Minimum criteria to be met by all Occupancy certificate applicants:

  1. All real estate construction sites are required to meet the occupancy certificate requirement and apply for the occupancy certificate
  2. The occupancy certificate can be obtained only when the construction is new, or is being rebuilt for purposes other than previously mentioned, when the ownership of the construction is changed.
  3. The occupancy certificate requirements specify the conditions that are needed to be met in order to proceed for sale and buy transactions between parties

Occupancy Certificate Course Details:

The occupancy certificate requirements will be most likely driven by local government policies and rules and differ from location to location. In order to apply for the occupancy certificate, the following needs to be kept in mind:

Other requirements to obtain an Occupancy certificate:

  1. The area of the construction site, the design and plan of the building should be clearly specified
  2. The occupancy site should pass all audit and inspection which are done to make sure that there is no danger of living in the building and the site can be used on day-to-day purposes
  3. There are a variety of inspections that can happen while applying for occupancy certificate. Some of them include – plumbing checks, condition of electrical connections, fire detectors, etc
  4. The area of the building along with exact room wise details should match the proposed venture documents.
  5. The construction site should not fall in a fertile land and must follow all safety precautions before lending it out to occupants.

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