OBC Certificate Document Requirements

OBC Certificate document requirements pertain to those candidates who fall in the other backward castes category according to the definition listed by the Indian government on its website. The OBC Certificate document requirements list the procedure and the documentation required in order to obtain the OBC Certificate. Below are mentioned details about the OBC Certificate document requirements.

Minimum criteria to be met by all OBC Certificate Document applicants:

  1. Once submitted with all the application and related documents, the OBC Certificate document can be obtained within a fortnight.
  2. All the documentation submitted needs to be verified and signed by the applicant
  3. In cases where the candidate is not able enough to sign the OBC Certificate document, it should be done by the parent or a guardian at home.

OBC Certificate Document Course Details:

The candidates, who are applying for the OBC Certificate document requirements, should submit all original documents at the time of verification and inspection. The application form should be filled fully according to the instructions and also posted with the right stamp paper.

Other requirements to obtain an OBC Certificate Document:

  1. The candidate should display the caste certificate in addition to the OBC Certificate documents.
  2. Since there are many benefits that are extended to OBC castes, the income being currently generated needs to be tracked and recorded.
  3. The candidate who is filing for the OBC Certificate document, should show the bonafide certificate
  4. There might also be need to show witnesses to obtain the OBC Certificate document.

Further credentials to obtain OBC Certificate Document:

  1. If the applicant for the OBC Certificate document is minor, the parent of the child needs to be taken as witness.
  2. Candidates should also submit the photo proof, address proof and photo address to the concerned authority.
  3. In some cases, according to the state requirements, affidavit filing is also essential.

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