NYS Professional Certificate Requirements

The NYS (New York State) professional certification requirements can be applicable for various professionals who are in college or are undergoing or underwent graduation and post graduation. The NYS professional certification requirements are for inducting professionals into the education career which is needed for applicants for considering employment in any private or public school. Below mentioned are the professional certification requirements in detail.

Minimum criteria to be met by all NYS Professional certificate applicants:

  1. Candidates should first apply for NYS professional certification and then for NYS professional licensure to be eligible for applying for any school or college education post.
  2. There are three types of grades that can be applied to for obtaining NYS professional certification.
    1. Applicable for early childhood education
    2. Applicable for childhood education
    3. Applicable for middle childhood education

Applicable for early childhood education

NYS professional certification for early childhood is valid for 3 years which has to be renewed by showing evidence to completion of graduate study. Candidates should also appear for examinations like LAST and CST among others to obtain the initial certification that is applicable for early childhood education.

Applicable for childhood education with specific disabilities

The NYS professional certification for childhood education is a specialised courses that teaches students who has specific disabilities to deal with them and make them educated and skilled for specific jobs. This NYS professional certification is also valid for a period of 3 years. This will be renewed when candidates show that they have completed their post graduation. Candidates are also required to opt for LAST, CST, ATS, etc examinations.

Applicable for middle childhood education

Upon completion of the early childhood education and childhood education with specific disabilities, candidates would be issued the middle childhood education NYS professional certification which will be valid till the period the candidates shows 175 hours of continuous education within every 5 years.

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