NYC Teaching Certificate Requirements

The NYC teaching certificate is issued by the New York State for teaching professionals. The NYC teaching certificate is valid for a period of three years. Most of the NYC teaching certificate credits are given to candidates who have done additional courses or trainings in liberal arts. Below given are detailed specifications that are needed as part of NYC teaching certificate requirements.

Minimum criteria to be met by all NYC Teaching certificate applicants:

  1. Candidates need to complete at least their master degree course in order to apply for the NYC teaching certificate.
  2. The candidates are needed to work under transitional B certification under good professors.
  3. The candidate should also maintain a good grading as a fellow while doing their masters degree course.
  4. As stated above, candidates should have a degree or additional course in the liberal arts programs.
  5. Candidates are responsible to bear all the associated cost to get the NYC teaching certificate.

NYC Teaching Certificate Course Details:

The NYC teaching certificate courses is generally for duration of two months after which the candidates are supposed to undergo the NYC teaching certificate examination. Candidates are also required to appear for the Liberal Arts and Science test (LAST) before obtaining the go-ahead to start their career in teaching in New York.

Other requirements to obtain an NYC Teaching certificate:

  1. Candidates should preferably have a knack of teaching and should have interest in teaching specifically for pre-K-12 all grades.
  2. All the programs that are to be pursued by the candidate should possess programs that have been approved by the New York State Education department.
  3. Candidates should also complete their additional course in master degree after completing their one-year graduate level course.
  4. All the programs must be issued by and approved organizations under the accredited institution under the regional state or national rules.

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