Nursing Certification Requirements

Nursing Certification Requirements

To become a registered nurse, everybody is required to take the board examination. Once you made it to be part of the list of passers, you are automatically registered as nurse. Settling of documents in the Philippine Regulatory Commission is also part of the procedure for receiving a certificate and a license.

Having a certification is a privilege that no one can take it from you. It symbolizes as having a deeper commitment into your work as a nurse and you are accountable for all your actions when practicing your nursing profession. Certification is your achievement; you are subjected to the standards of professional nursing wherein your skills and knowledge as a nurse will be broadened to be a competent professional individual. It is expected that you demonstrates an understanding about the different areas and scope of nursing practice.

The requirement for having a certification is just passing the licensure board examination. Upon receiving your certification, it does not end there. It is a continuous learning for nurses, having greater experiences in hospital settings for specific nursing practice criteria and series of examinations as a prerequisite in the hospitals for the purpose of testing your knowledge and abilities. Thereby certification makes a nurse to be a truly professional nurse not only in the mind but by heart, helping you to nurture and perform your duties and responsibilities in a manner that is acceptable and according to the regulation.

There are benefits that you can get in having your certificate and these are the two essential things:

  1. It gives better job opportunities for you wherein there will be formal recognition of your profession in the work setting.
  2. Series of trainings and seminars to make you advance and be competent

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