NPS Certificate Requirements

A NPS (Network Policy Server) certificate is needed for getting authenticated to a valid network access site. The NPS certificates help in securing access and validate users to use the network resources. Through the use of NPS, users can enjoy high security access that can sometimes get compromised through authentication methods that rely on passwords. The following are the requirements in order to get the NPS certificate.

Minimum Criteria To Be Met By All NPS Certificate Applicants:

  • Candidates should install the active directory certificate services
  • Then candidates should then opt for server certificate configurations and enrol automatically with the Group Policy
  • The group policy assigned to must be refreshed on web servers

Other Requirements To Obtain The NPS Certificate:

  • Candidates should start by creating a Public key infrastructure and then install the ADCS on it
  • The Public key infrastructure should meet the requirements of the business in different tier or levels with varying certifying authority
  • To configure the server certificate on the group policy of the certifying authority, the certificate template needs to be configured according to the NPS server.
  • During the automatic enrolment, all NPS servers should obtain the group policy certificate
  • In the last stage of group policy being assigned is refreshed, there are two stages involved.
  • In the first stage, one certificate refers to the server based on the configured template
  • This is the certificate that authorises the user to user the NPS server
  • In the second stage, the certifying authority issues another certificate which is identified by the root of the NPS server
  • This is helpful in cross-verifying the user authentication.

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