NJ Supervisor Certificate Requirements

Candidates who are interested to opt for leadership positions can aim to become supervisors in the state of New Jersey. There are several New Jersey state requirements that would make an interested candidate eligible for the position of a NJ Supervisor. The following are the NJ Supervisor Certificate requirements.

Minimum criteria to be met by all NJ Supervisor certificate applicants:

Below mentioned are some of the important NJ Supervisor Certificate requirements that applicants interested in this position to aim to obtain:

a) Candidates should gain an education services certificate that would be beneficial to authenticating the credentials of the applicant.

b) They should also have undergone standard supervisor instructional training

c) Candidates are also required to possess a minimum work experience of 3 years in the educational sector

d) Candidates are also required to complete their master degree course in teaching in their interested subject

e) For obtaining the supervisory position, the candidate should aim to get at least 12 credit points by attending an Educational Leadership program.

Other requirements to obtain a NJ Supervisor certificate:

1. In addition to the requirements mentioned in the above section, candidates must also opt for the Post Masters Supervisory certificate which is a specialised course that has been designed to make students prepare and eligible to meet the NJ Supervisor Certificate requirements.

2. The 12 credit points mentioned above is divided into various categories where the categorisation is as follows:

1. 6 credit points are to be obtained from the Basic fundamentals of Supervisory management and HR management

2. 3 credit points are to be obtained from the staff management, teaching and administration

3. The remaining 3 credit points are to be gained from the curriculum development, and early childhood programs.

3. Candidates would also be given counselling to complete their education to satisfy the NJ Supervisor Certificate requirements.

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