NFIP Elevation Certificate Requirements

The NFIP Elevation certificate requirements pertain to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) that came into existence because of flood like situations where a candidate can be deployed to help the affected. NFIP is particularly passed by the US Congress to make sure that the low lying communities get benefit of flood insurance as they are most likely to be affected by frequent floods that US has been experiencing quite often. The following are the NFIP Elevation certificate requirements.

Minimum criteria to be met by all NFIP Elevation certificate applicants:

The minimum criteria to be met by all the NFIP Elevation certificate applicants are described below in good detail:

a)      The communities that would like to avail the advantages of a NFIP Elevation certificate should first apply to get flood plain management help.

b)      There are current lists of communities that come under the purview of the NFIP Elevation certificate. New communities if required to be added need to get individual application from the respective community heads.

c)      The National Flood Insurance program will reduce or nullify the effect of future floods that might occur and the corresponding losses that it brings along.

d)     The applications must be submitted to the Federal Insurance Administration, which is a significant segment of FEMA.

Other requirements to obtain a NFIP Elevation certificate:

  1. Along with the aforementioned requirements, applications should be submitted along with the NFIP Elevation certificate
  2. The NFIP Elevation certificate would be needed to evaluate the elevation that would be required with respect to the calculated base flood height.
  3. The applicants can also take help from the insurance agents that have complete information of the pros and cons of opting various packages of the NFIP program. They should be necessarily consulted before the final application so as to get help and decide the necessary path.

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