National Senior Certificate Requirements

A National Senior certificate is the equivalent of a matriculation certificate that is issued after Class XII in South Africa. The National Senior certificate is issued after successfully completed the school level studies. The following are the requirements in order to obtain a National Senior certificate.

Minimum criteria to be met by all National Senior certificate applicants:

The minimum criteria that are to be met by all candidates who would like to obtain the National Senior certificate are:

a) Candidates should have completed their high school and secondary school with at least passing percentage.

b) Students should cover studying 6 subjects including two languages and other 4 can be optional subjects.

c) The language is to be among any two South African languages. The language course is mandatory.

d) Another non-language mandatory course is Life Orientation.

e) The candidates need to get at least a pass percentage of 40% overall. Historically, it has been difficult to get more than 80% which is categorised as A grade.

Other requirements to obtain a National Senior certificate:

1. Candidates should take up their education only in recognised schools and educational institutions that are known to provide quality education and which are accredited by the Department of Education.

2. Many of the schools might not offer a whole range of courses, but majority of the languages and electives are available in all schools.

3. Mathematics is also a compulsory subject that has to be completed successfully by the candidate.

4. Electives are available among a host of subjects such as:

1. Agriculture

2. Arts

3. Economics

4. Geography

5. History

6. Music

7. Social Studies

8. Physics

9. Chemistry, etc.

5. The first language and Mathematics have a pass percentage set at 30%. In all the other mandatory and elective subjects, a pass percentage of 40% is set.

6. At the end, an examination is conducted in all the general and practical courses along with both the languages.

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