Medical Fitness Certificate Requirements

A medical fitness certificate is very essential to authenticate the medical fitness of the person in terms of having good mental and physical condition. The medical certificate requirements is helpful to let the candidate carry out travel or work for specific sectors that needs the person to be fit enough to carry out the specified tasks. Below given are some of the requirements in order to obtain the medical fitness certificate.

Minimum criteria to be met by all Medical Fitness certificate applicants:

  1. A medical fitness certificate is to be obtained by a certified medical practitioner
  2. The medical practitioner from whom certification needs to be done should have a minimum qualification of an MBBS degree.
  3. Candidates are supposed to undergo medical fitness tests that not just concentrate on the medical physical fitness but also undertake the mental tests.
  4. The candidate is also expected to pass the test that establishes that the candidates is also not facing any defects in the body functioning.

Medical Fitness Certificate Details:

The medical fitness certificate courses are set to determine whether the candidates can undertake the requisite courses and studies along with being a part of sport activities. The medical fitness certificate is mostly required at the initial stages of admission into an educational institution or induction into an organization.

Details present in a Medical Fitness certificate:

  1. The medical fitness certificate lists the identification marks of the individual. The candidates should furnish the personal details in the medical fitness certificate.
  2. The name and signature of the certifying officer should be present in the medical fitness certificate and the signature of this person should also be sealed.
  3. The medical certifying practitioner should have at least Bachelors in Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery degree to his credit.
  4. The place and date of the medical fitness certificate should also be mentioned.

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