Medical Certificate Requirements

A medical certificate is a formal and official document issued by a medical centre or health institute to give a proof of the fact that a person is medically fit and has cleared the level of medical condition which is required to get a visa to a country or participate in a sporting event or some other competition or event. Medical certificate requirements are those requirements which one needs to fulfil in order to obtain a medical certificate. Often a medical certificate is required to travel to a certain destination or to enter a field of work which requires a person to have crossed a certain level of medical condition such as eyesight, hearing ability etc. These certificates are required for people who wish to become pilots etc.

The following are a few of the standard requirements which a person needs to fulfil in order to obtain a medical certificate. These requirements might vary from one country/state to another.

  • A person needs to have perfect eyesight or only a little variance from the perfect eyesight in order to get a medical certificate. This requirement might be different for different purposes.
  • A person must have well functioning ear, nose and throat systems which are free from any infection or medical history.
  • A person must have properly working limbs and body parts and must be free from dependence of substance abuse etc.
  • A person must have cleared the normal blood pressure and heart beat rate tests in order to be given a medical certificate.

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