LYNC Certificate Requirements

LYNC Certificate requirements apply to administrators who would like to get Microsoft Lync server certification. There are two certifications involved that can give a chance to obtain the LYNC Certificate. These two certifications are the External Interface and Internal Interface certifications. The main objective to get the LYNC Certificate is to be able to run Microsoft Lync Server 2010. Below given are the LYNC Certificate requirements.

Minimum criteria to be met by all LYNC certificate applicants:

  1. The minimum criteria to obtain the LYNC Certificate are to possess a default certificate, an external or an internal interface certificate.

LYNC Certificate Course Details:

Candidates can book for the LYNC Certificate by going to the website where they will find all the links that are needed to get the registration. Candidates should make their certificate export adaptable. If the candidate is applying for more than one Edge, then use the same certificate and the same pass code.

Other requirements to obtain a LYNC certificate:

  1. The External interface should be from a public CA where as the Internal Interface should be from an internal or public CA. (CA stands for Certifying Authority.)
  2. The web server should produce certificate that specify all valid Web external Front end pools and all the administrator links.
  3. The web server should follow the common name as recommended by Microsoft Liny website.

Further credentials to obtain LYNC Certificate:

  1. Wild cards can be used to obtain access to internal interface.
  2. Candidates can get a list of certifying authorities from the partner websites.

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